Comprehensive fireplace cleaning and inspection services within 50 miles of the Quad Cities

Our annual fireplace tune up service will keep your fireplace operating beautifully and safely. All fireplace manufacturers recommend annual service to maintain the safe operation of your fireplace.

Our comprehensive tune up includes:
• Clean and inspect burner
• Clean and inspect pilot assembly
• Check fan and limit control
• Check and clean flame sensor
• Check ignition control sequence
• Check gas valve operation
• Check operation of safety controls
• Check gas pressure
• Check thermocouple millivolts
• Check and tighten wire connections
• Add glowing embers
• Check and clean blower
• Check thermostat or remote control (if applicable)
• Clean glass
• Vacuum under unit
• Check and set log placement
• Replenish embers
• Add sand & vermiculite (gas logs)

Do you know how to lite a pilot on a gas fireplace?